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No autocad installed on this unit, I reformat it, the reason why i made this simple question on jpeg file attached below through MS Paint.



Assume that boxes are MANHOLES and it is a perfect square,

from the centerpoint of manhole1 up to the centerpoint of manhole 5, I want to know the (exact or not totally exact) measurement/distance in just one click,.

Other way than using dimlinear(DLI) and or dimalign(DAL). because if i will use DLI/DAL command, it will take more than 30 minutes to get the measurements of those. I mean for example the measurement that they want to know are very long with curves or with etc etc. so is there another way to compute the total measurements of this scenario?

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You can download a lisp routine like totlen.lsp, once loaded and started you pick each of the blue lines and hit enter.

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Do the lines meet at the center if your manholes? Are you drawing in 1:1 in model space? I'm doing fiber optic cable routes. My cable lines break at each manhole. I can select any cable line and check the properties window for length.

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