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Merge vertexes in mesh?

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I can't seem to find such an easy thing. I'm working with a mesh. Let's say one part of that mesh is planar 4 sided face. I need to split that face, so I use Split Face tool to split it into two 4 sided faces. Then, after some time, I need to merge these two faces, so I use Merge Face tool, but after faces are merged, vertexes on 2 edges of that face remain (they marked the start and the end of the split line).


Now how do I get rid of these vertexes? I tried simply moving them to the nearest corner, but if I do this, they do not merge with corner vertex, they only sit on top of each other. It becomes difficult to later alter them, and commands like ConvertToSolid do not work anymore.


So how do I delete or merge vertexes? (simply pressing Delete key while vertex is selected deletes edge and nearest faces).


Attaching screenshots.


The face I'm going to split:




Faces after splitting:




Vertexes that remain after merging faces:




These vertexes in center (on edges) are the ones I need to get rid of.

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