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Scale of Viewport


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I am working with existing base building drawings (I am using AutoCAD 2007LT) and when I set-up the viewports the scale of the viewports is really high (for example 1:4500) on a 24x36 sheet. The building is a large office tower, but the scale I have to use to fit the building on the page seems way too high. I am not sure what I need to do to modify the scale.


The drawing units are as follows:


Type: millimeters

Precision: decimal


Type: Decimal Degrees

Precision: 0.0

Insertion Scale - millimeters

Sample Output




I am not really sure what I need to change/adjust in order to make the scale something more manageable.



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Did you insert the base drawing into a new one?


The building was done in metric units. Your sheet size is in imperial units. Could it be a scaling issue?

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Thank you - I just tried inserting it into a new drawing but the same thing happens.


I was looking into the Page Setup and noticed that Plot Scale was set to "Fit to paper", when I change it to Scale: 1:1; 1mm = 1 units it corrects the scale.

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What are the actual dimensions of the building?


Is the drawing border actually 609mm x 914mm (24" x 36")?


At 1:1000 you should have 609M x 914M.


Can you post the .dwg with just the border and a rectangle for the building outline?

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I think that the issue was that the plot scale was incorrect. Something I didn't check until now. Now that I changed it to 1:1; 1mm = 1 unit the scale is working.

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