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is it possible to drag a selection and cut+paste to one layer?


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I wanted to drag a selection of objects (that are on different layers) and just cut n' paste them onto one layer (effectively merging them).




Thanks :)

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Hi AndyW,


What you are after, I believe, is this: select one or more items and then just change the layer in the layer control.


That way you can put anything you want onto that selected layer.

Of coures objects that are on a locked layer will be omitted from changing.


Hope to help you this way.

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I'm not sure how to change the layer in the layer control. I can change the 'current layer' but this does nothing. I have found the 'match' tool useful though... ?

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First select an object, any object you like.

In the AutoCAD screen you see the layercontrol, it now tells you on what layer the selected object is.

Click on that and select another layer. The object is now moved to that layer.

Easy as that.


Mach properties does the same but in a different way.


Any questions? We are here :-)

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What Pietari is saying is after you have selected all the entities you want to "merge" with another layer merely choose the layer (with them still selected) you want them to be on in the layer control. This will change the layer that the selected entities reside on. Another way is to choose Change to Current Layer command (after you set the correct layer to the current one) in the Layer II toolbar. It is denoted by the typical layer symbol with a green check mark on it.


Looks like that --> C2CL.JPG


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Perhaps a more intuitive way is by using the QUICK PROPERTIES palette.

Select all of the items in question, then in the QUICK PROPERTIES palette,

where it sounds like the layer value will say VARIES, you can just select the layer

you want them all to be moved to.

You could do the same thing in PROPERTIES, but I am a huge fan of the QUICK PROPERTIES functionality.

QP for new layer.JPG

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You're very welcome. There are a multitude of ways to do some things in AutoCAD. You just need to figure out which one fits your method or taste.

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