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Multileaders, Annotation, and Background Masks


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I have a survey xrefed into a site plan. In the survey there is a multileader that needs to appear at two different scales, so I made it annotative. The same multileader sits on top of a hatch (which is in the site plan), so I gave it a background mask.


At 1"=20', the larger scale, I can adjust the mask so that everything looks fine. When I switch to 1"=10', the other scale, the mask is too wide, and there's a big blank space. When I adjust the mask at 10 scale, the mask becomes too narrow for the 20 scale text, which wraps onto a second line. Apparently, I can make one version look nice, or the other, but not both.


Has anyone else seen this? Is there some magic fix?

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*For AutoCAD 2017


Tad old of a post but I found a slight work-around. This fix does not allow you to have different organization of text per each scale (ie. 3 line text for 50 scale and 2 line text in 100 scale). You will have multileaders that 'look the same', just larger and smaller. The only thing this fixes is the wipe-out within the multileader extending past the smaller scale when adjusting to the larger scale.


Step 1: Adjust large scale multileader background mask by 'double clicking the extend text box arrows' or sliding them manually to where you want the larger scale background mask to be.

Step 2: Right click on the same label.

Step 3: Hover over "Annotative Object Scale" (may be in the middle of right click menu).

Step 4: Select "Synchronize Multiple-Scale Positions".

*This resets the labels to the exact organization of text and location per the large scale multileader you edited.

Step 5: Change to smaller scale and relocate the multileader per your needs.


*Note: Any changed to the text will most likely require these steps to be repeated for desired results.



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