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Ordinate Dimension Help


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I'm currently using AutoCAD Electrical 2013, but I think that this may fall under a general AutoCAD question.


The company I'm working for does panel layout drawing that require upwards of several hundred holes to be punched into it. Right now, we use ordinate dimensions to show center points of all the holes for our hole punch machine. Recently, we decided to start putting the X,Y dimensions on an Excel spreadsheet for easier reading for our punch operator. What I'm looking for is a way to either A) extract the ordinate dimensions from AutoCAD and into an excel file or B) Extract the hole center locations from a specified base point to an Excel spreadsheet. Is there an easy way to do this or do I have to go one by one and type it out?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Using the data extraction tool you could extract the X/Y coordinates of your drawing entities (circles for hols) and export it to an Excel Sheet. There may be a way to do it directly from the dimmensions but I have never tried myself.

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That kind of helps. I can extract the center x and center y, but the problem now is that the coordinates given are from absolute 0. Is there a way to designate a new point to be my 0? I know that I can change the UCS and I tried doing that, but it doesn't seem to work... Also, is there a way to change the display units used? When I extract it, my points given are in the 2000s+. I need it to be in inches.

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Just tried, and you cannot extract the content of the dimensions using this method.


What you could do is place a block (call it Datum maybe?) and extract the coordinates of this block as well. Then create a formula in Excel that would subtract the coordinate of "Datum" from the others give you your corrdinates off your desired datum.


Your dimensions are probably in the 2000s because of where the origin is located compared to your panel/holes.

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