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Hello and Thank you in advance.

I am somewhat new to Autocad 2013 and trying to fumble my way around. I have scoured the net and cant seem to find a clear answer to my questions...

Autocad 2013


I need to create an object that is:

733 mm across the top

485 mm across the bottom

526 mm tall

the 2 angled sides should have a 80 deg bevel (or chamfer ) to them while the bottom and top both have 75 deg bevel.




So more or less its a trapezoid that the top and bottom is beveled to 80 deg while the left and right sides are beveled to 75 deg.


Think of the shape of a flower pot if you will. The part will be cut from 5/8" thick wood. This is for a boat that I am attempting to build.


Thank you for any help received. I DO NOT want this done for me... though a helping shove would be greatly appreciated.


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I think you have at least 3 solutions:

  • use SLICE command to cut the sides at the desired angles; will need to build some helping lines and rotate them at required angles to allow you to define the cutting plane. This is the most precise solution.
  • calculate the width of the cuts on top face and use CHAMFER on top edges; the second chamfer distance will be the height.
  • calculate the shape of top face, draw it into its actual pozition above bottom one and call LOFT to get the solid between those.


By the way, you may want to ask a moderator to fix the name of the thread since this is related to modeling and not (yet) to rendering.

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You are correct. I used a poor choice of words rendering rather than modeling. :) >

I was able to make a knife then use that to make the cuts.

I am still fuzzy on chamfer in the lines of 3d objects, but thats ok :)

Loft looks like something I will have to play with to get correct. Slice worked best as you said.

Thank you :)

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Glad to hear you got it sorted as expected; you're entirely welome!


Regarding the naming of the thread, this is just to allow you to get appropriate attention; for example, members with 3D knowledge may have no interest in looking to a rendering question...

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Yeah... I know I messed up on the name, I was irritated by the time I posted the thread. I understand :)

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