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How do I control the orientation of a dynamic block?


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I have been working with dynamic blocks - windows and doors - and I have trouble getting them into the right orientation and keeping them there. If this video works it'll give you some idea.


My major problem is that when I try to move the hinge of the door to the door jamb the block orients itself any way it wants to go. I have a real job tricking it into going into the right place the right way around.


Would someone please lay out the steps so that the process works, and works consistently.

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If you read the grip tips, it tells you what each one is for. One of them aligns to an object, so you should expect it to jump to whatever position would correspond to that. If you just want to move it, then try the MOVE command.

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Disclaimer - I don't like Alignment parameters when the block needs to be placed an intersection.


The door block has an alignment parameter, which not all Dynamic blocks have. Grab the block and move it around the opening to see how it works. (as per my disclaimer, this can be tricky) Basically, you want to select the "wall" first so the block aligns with the wall, then move your mouse to the corner so the autosnap feature activates. Also, since the block has an alignment parameter, there is no need to rotate the block first.



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