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Drawing a PLINE with known lengths and angles


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As the thread title suggests, I want to create a segmented polyline with known angles / lengths, but I want to do this in 1 operation without having to copy/rotate/chamfer etc.


I think I'm gonna kick myself when I receive an answer to this as it seems to be something I should know. I'm sure it has something to do with UCS, but I've not used it in quite some time, I am stumped and everything I have tried so far has failed.



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I think you will need a LISP routine, where you enter the number of segments you want to draw, the length of a segment and the deviation angle between segments. You would also need to consider the starting point and direction of the first segment.

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Well that tutorial is similar to what I am after, but not exact.

What I want to be able to do is to rotate the view then continue drawing, but maybe this is not possible while a command is in use?


As for using a LISP, no problem with this, but locating one might prove difficult.


Thanks for the input.

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Until you find your lisp, perhaps you could pre-calculate the coordinates of the points, and then drawing a polyline as you require is simple and does it in one go.

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