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Lineweight for Circle won't work/Pline

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Does anybody know how to change lineweight on the circle? another word i want to make the arc line thicker. Can we do that rather than offset the circle and Hatch it. I use Pedit alot on straight line but won't work on circle. As you can see on the picture below when i changed the lineweight to be bigger but the circle is still the same. Please help. thanks.










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I use Pedit a lot on straight line but won't work on circle.


One way around this is to draw your circle using the Donut command. Read the command line as the Donut works on a diameter size. Make the inside and outside diameter the same, and then Pedit will work on that to give a line width

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you guys are awesome!8) i had the tool show/hide lineweight turn off (Tool found on the bottom of the screen by snap tools), i turned it on and the circle show thicker line. thanks everyone.

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