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Arrow and line goes missinig if cutomized copy multiple


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Hi All,


I'm experiencing a strange behavious of AutoCAD 2008 while using copy multiple via ACAD.lisp, the leaders and arrow goes missing (text is still visible) for the first copy but when I copy it for second time and there on within the same command, the leader and arrow shows up correctly. It requires regen to bring back the missing arrow & leader. I have triad different variable but nothing seem to work. However, the standard COPY command seem to work fine. I'm also seeing random issue while copying dimensions as well.


I do not like regenerating everytime after copy considering the file is huge takes more time. At the same time, I'm addicted of using short commands via ACAD.lsp.


Here is what my customized mutliple copy command looks like.


(Defun C:C   (/ SS1) (Setq SS1 (ssget))(Command "COPY" ss1 "" "m" pause pause))


Any suggestions?

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Can someone try this to see if this happens everywhere and not just with me? I'm using 2008. No clue why its doing this.


I dont know if I should modify ACAD.PGP as a work around. Any suggestion?

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