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AutoCAD loads an image that doesn't exist anymore


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In my drawing, I inserted a raster image file. I converted it into a block so I can modify it and I scaled it like this:





I saved my drawing and I close AutoCAD, but when I open AutoCAD again the image shown on the drawing file is not the same image that I had inserted previously.





The image shown is one that I had inserted before the first one but I had erased it from the file because I had to crop it in photoshop to reinsert it again.


I used the purge command to purge the block, I used the image command and i detached the image.


But the image says "unreferenced" when I do the "image command" even though it has the right location and folder.

I don't know what to do anymore.

Please help

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When we are inserting image file in Autocad, It takes reference from the image file which you have saved in you computer. so if your erasing or renaming that file Autocad won't get the reference from file, So be careful when you are inserting image file, don't rename or delete it....


1. It happened because either you deleted it or renamed that image file in your computer directory...


2. If you want to trim image in cad, You can use (command - imageclip) for trimming image.


3. Reload you image using (command - xref), Image will be visible in your block.

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