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Help with cut out


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Hey guy! So I'm new here and I was hoping you could help! I've at this for while, and I can't seem to do it. I'm trying to cut out this image (dragon 1-1) out of the solid (blade type 2). I've tired everything and every program and I can't do it, mostly because it always crashes...Can someone help? I cut need the black parts cut out all the way through the design.

Dragon 1-1.jpg

Blade type 2.dwg

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The dragon image could be pulled into AutoCAD and traced over using polylines. The polylines could be extruded.


The image file could be converted to a DWG file and opened in AutoCAD then extruded.


Bottom line...until you create the dragon in a form useable within AutoCAD you aren't going to get anywhere with it.

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