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Error "Cannot Knit Sheets Together"


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I have this error that is stumping me from completing an assignment..


When it comes to solidworks I'm not to much of a newbie but when it comes to creating molds for plastic injection parts I am..

I have created a plastic part ( The Barrel of a plastic BIC Rollerball pen) and am required to create the mold for it. I have created a Scale, and a Draft(But i must admit there are some yellow parts still on the model, which When trying to fix the problem I quickly redid a prototype of the part adding drafts where needed but still recieved the same error so i continued with my older part because it was more specific). I create parting lines, create parting surfaces, then create planar surfaces and knited them all together.. but then when I use the Tooling Split command and select my core, cavity and parting surface, i click the green tick and i get the error "Cannot Knit sheets together" and its driving me mad because I have no idea what ive done wrong and why it is not working.



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Does not look right at the ends.

Attach your sldprt file here.


I cant add the sldprt because its 700kb .. and max upload is 500kb ... the uploader doesnt want to accept compressed files either.. :(

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Drag the bar at the bottom of the history tree to the top of the browser hiding all features, now zip. The file will be dramatically smaller.

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I Do use drop box.. but I would need to receive an invitation to the folder surely?
Not at all, just place in your Public folder. Then right-click > Dropbox > Copy Public Link and paste it here. Gives us a direct link to download.



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