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Using ACADDOC.lsp and too many princs


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I started using ACADDOC.lsp to manage and control my favourite utilities better (thanks to all you folks). I have also defined error prompts should one LISP fail.


Now, all the utilities that I have added in ACADDOC.lsp are creating their own but too many prints (princ). I tried using CMDECHO and NOMUTT variable but nothing seems to reduce my princs. I'm also affraid that NOMUTT might suppress the failed LISP notification. May be I should suppress the princ from each utility but I hate to edit each utility as those princs are valuable command line information and can be very useful.


And thinking future, more utilities will be added. I think that might increase princs.


Any suggestion?

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So, those "princs" where echos from the loaded utilities? Are those overloading yor text window or take too much to display?

I don't think there is a solution to prevent them other that erasing/commenting them in their respective files.

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Yes, those are echoes from each utility. Its not that it fills up my text window but since it keeps on increasing I thought we could somehow suppress it so that each time AutoCAD keeps the command line clean (or just few prompts).

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here is another idea for clearing the screen.


(defun MP:Screen->Clear ()
  (setq screen-lines 50
        cnt 0
    (<= cnt screen-lines)
    (princ "\n")
    (setq cnt (1+ cnt))


lead the above function and then call it after all of your output.

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