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Changing non-profile geometry to construction geometry?


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Hey I have a problem...

See, I'm very new to the Inventor so I really hope you guys can help me.

My problem is that I want to Emboss (ingrave) the text on the plane surface of the heart. But when I do this comes up see the enclosed pic). How do I do ? D:


Thanks in advance



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When I try to apply it says: "Self-intersecting loop found in this profile. Remove the intersection by adding a sketch point at curve intersections or by changing non-profile geometry to construction geometry."


I have made a 3D heart by sketch but it got a flat backside. The text I want to emboss is placed on the flat side.

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What font are you trying to use? A lot of fonts won't work for extrusion / emboss features in Inventor due to the way that the font creator set up the geometry. If the lines cross over each other, etc., it will throw an error for self-intersections. That's my guess as to what's happening, but I can't be sure without more information.

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If you're really tied to a particular font, there is a workaround for this using AutoCAD. You can create your text there, then explode it, and bring a DWG or DXF of it back into Inventor. It's frequently more trouble than it's worth, though. You'll still have to clean up whatever the self-overlap issue was, and the geometry will frequently not be particularly smooth. When I do this, it usually adds anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of work, unless I'm doing something where the jaggies are okay. The BRIDGE CURVE sketch tool in Inventor will rapidly become your best friend if you do try this out and need to smooth things out.

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