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Architectural BIM design and Bills of Quantities with Free UPP

Guest ACCA software

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Guest ACCA software

Free UPP (Free UsePay Print) is a revolutionary way to distribute professional Architectural,Engineering and Bill of Quantities/Estimating software. With Free UPP software,use, program updates, training and support are completely free. The customerpays only when needing to print (a very convenient cost for each A4 sheet), andwith no expiry date. The first 500 prints are free.http://www.accasoftware.com/en/id6/free-upp.html


The customer has afree license to use the full-featured version of the software for architecturalBIM design and Bills of Quantities/Estimating. Programs with very advanced2D/3D design features to produce floor plans, cross sections, elevation views,isometric views, perspective views, renderings, photo match simulations, billsof quantities, etc... Free UPP software solutions are complete and professionaland can easily be compared to other software such as Revit, All Plan, ArchiCADor VectorWorks.


Edificiusis our Architectural BIM design software. Edificius guarantees advanced designtools that are comparable to other top of the market BIMsoftware. With great quality and effectiveness, you can obtain: floorplan views, section views, elevation views, construction details, tables,schedules, reports, isometric views, perspective views, renderings, photoinserts, animations. Edificius, with a unique 2D and/or3D input of specific customizable objects, (walls, windows, slabs, etc.)creates the model of your building to automatically generate all of thenecessary construction documents useful for completing your project.

Designed to be easier than other existing software, Edificius has an exclusivemodelling environment that speeds up learning and everyday use. Any changesmade to your model cause all the relating construction documents to be updatedautomatically (floor plan views, section views, elevation views, isometricviews…), even drawing models that were already laid out and ready for printing.The advanced Edificius BIM technology guarantees a complete project managementhighly reducing mistakes and increasing productivity.


Edificiusgreatly increases the BIM potential by dynamically integrating the features ofother software:PriMus for Bills of Quantities, SketchUpfor solid modelling, Edificius-CAD* for DWG CAD Drawings(i.e. construction details)


Edificius: http://www.accasoftware.com/en/id4/edificius/index.html


PriMusgarantees integrated management of Price Books, Bills of Quantities andRate Analysis.

The program has specific features to address any kind of Estimating or Quantitysurveying issue and is easier and more effective than any other genericspreadsheet software.

With PriMus you can import Price Listsfrom Excel or Word, open Price Lists and Price Books even from the internet, insert simple measurements or formulas, acquiremeasurements directly from yourdrawings, insert images andgraphical notes for each measurement row, structure your Bill ofQuantities and Price List document in Categories,print as you prefer, export in standardformats, have your Bill ofQuantities, Price Lists, Rate Analysis... all updated simultaneously.


PriMus: http://www.accasoftware.com/en/id3/primus/index.html


With Free UPP software you can collaborate with anyone, because everyonecan use the same software for free.


You can alsoinstall the software on as many computers as you like free of charge.


Free UPP is proposed byACCA software, a company with over 200,000 program users and is one of the mostimportant international manufacturers in the industry.


Free UPP is a new way ofthinking of professional software for the Engineering and Architecturalindustries combining convenience, simplicity and professionalism in arevolutionary way.


For moreinformation visit:www.accasoftware.com

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