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AutoLISP program required: commissioned


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Hello All,


I have been seeking an individual to write an AutoLISP program for some time using the normal routes, but given availability and contact it has lead me to this forum to see if anyone would be interested.


There is a detailed scope available. However in brief; the task requires generation of multiple dwg for a laser marker containing text and hatches from an excel file that contains multiple batches of such data.


Before I post anything further, I'd like to check if such discussions are welcome here... :)

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Thank you!


The design is protected by a patent application but on the client's request I have to paraphrase it. I'm happy to discuss in further detail with those who would like to partake.




A 2D dwg file has been created that contains a rectangular template to sit within a laser engraving bed that positions 200 rings of 20 sizes in both their horizontal XY and vertical XZ orientation. The file contains all boundaries, the logo for each ring, as well a text position that allows the subsequent creation of files that allow an engraving laser to mark these rings by aligning to the template the rings are placed in.


The request is to automatically generate the hatching within specified boundaries and hatching within a block and add text to this file based on the input from an excel file. Hatching is used to mark a code on its flat edge (in a circle) and a logo and text on its on its circumference. *Attached images of a flat edged ring*


All rings are equilaterally spaced and the text and logo (block) and their positions remain the same regardless of the ring size.



Details of the file:

The file itself is divided into 4 groups of layers by their function.


0 - Layers contain visual reference points and the template structure used to create alignment.


1 - Layers are concerned with marking a code on the segments of each ring

Each segment is either marked or not using a hatch as per the excel data.

Between each segment is a divider to the next that is marker or not depending on the preceding segment as per the excel data.

Calculations indicating whether a segment is marked specified by either [1] or not [0] are performed in excel.

Excel data can be further arranged and manipulated to provide input as per the needs of auto/visualisp.


2 - Layers specify wether a logo (hatching of the block "logo") is present or on each of the 200 rings. The logo location and size is the same throughout and its requirement is indicated in excel. It is present for each ring but the hatch is not.


3 - Layers specify whether text initials are present or not on each of the 200 rings. Initials vary between 0 to 5 characters long including periods to separate 2 to 3 alpha characters only.The font is the same throughout and the requirement is stated in excel.




Laser marking requires 3 separate files for each batch that contain only the laser marking layer (1 or 2 or 3) and a template boundary measuring 600 x 300 for alignment.


The generation of these files for each batch from the import of a single excel file is to be automated. Assume it will be done by a non-professional.


Each excel file can contain multiple batches of rings and the specifications for each ring. The template holds up to 200 rings of 20 sizes at a maximum of 10 rings of each size, but where there are more 10 rings of one size the file will require multiple batches of files to be generated



What will be supplied:

Template file with all layers that includes:

All boundaries that are to be hatched for coding based on the excel file.

A vectorised logo that is to be hatched based on the excel file.

Position for all text that is based on the the excel file.

(you don't need to draw anything just hatch boundaries and add text automatically then produce the file with the right layers)


A copy of the excel file that contains the data.


Photos of the prototype to help visualise.


A copy of the font to be used.



Further information:

If you would like to help with this automation task I can disclose further information to yourself including the specific files on signing a standard NDA.


It would be preferred if you have a registered business but given that this is a forum it's okay if you don't, as long as the task can be completed. A paypal account for transfer of any payment is mandatory.


I'm not middle man for the client, just a mech eng who used to draft a long time ago and is now re-learning but wouldn't consider myself a professional and I haven't a clue how one AutoLISPs, so the task is outsourced at 100% of the allocation for this lil' startup.


If you consider yourself an AutoLISP professional then this job will take a professional number of hours. If you are a novice, a novice number of hours. As the work is at a fixed price your hourly rate will depend on your proficiency, so anyone can apply, but if you aren't thinking easy-peasy then please consider carefully. On receiving the files you are able to quote how long it will take and things will be taken from there.


There's no nasties of a complex contract or anything of the sort; just your word, reputation as an auto lisp genius at stake!


Once you see the amount of work that is evident in design of the file all misguidance of possible dodgyness will be alleviated! Collateral based on the transfer of IP secures the transaction with either party opening themselves up legal action covering damages on the advent of, transfer or use other of such IP other than the finalisation of the agreed contract.

i.e. if you use the IP in any manner you could be pursued, or if the AutoLISP program is used in any manner without finalising the payment then the client and myself would be pursued. In the unlikely event of either party deciding to terminate the contract it would mean no use for either party of any component and no payment. Pretty standard stuff.


Please PM me (correction I don't have an inbox yet) how about a quick email to autolispme@gmail.com (to prevent spam) if you are interested along with any supporting documentation a CV if you wish. Further communication from that point will have to be via email to create an independent record for audit.


Thanks again for allowing me to post and good luck!



1. A flat edged ring. Top surface is coded Circumfrence contains logo and text.jpg

2. Cross section of the flat edge (facing used for coding) .jpg

3. Crossection Coding on the left, logo and text on the top.jpg

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)

Sounds like a job for Lee Mac


Thank you.

Yes it is! I emailed him but understandably he's a busy guy who I'd still like to hear from; but thought I'd branch out further.


Although I would ideally like to have learned how to do this myself the enormity of the project and time required for other tasks has meant that many of the technical parts have had to be outsourced so that it can be completed in a time where all resources are available.

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Hello All,


Is there a particular part of the requirement that makes this a difficult task?

If so perhaps there is a manner in that I can change the requirement to work around this...


#2 could be eliminated by creating the logo for each ring and then deleting the blanks, which is prone to error and I would like to avoid.

#3 I could even manually type the text for each ring whilst demand is low, that is also prone to error and what I would like to avoid.

#1 the hatching of the segments and dividers for each ring that I wish to automate the most as it is too error prone to be be done manually.


Please let me know if there is anything that I can clarify to help with.


Thank you!

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