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Which CAD/Other Software? - Singular Retail Space by Novice (Not a Career Architect)


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Hi All:),


I need help and forgive me for my naive and beyond basic questions:D. I've been put in charge of dividing the space of a future retail shop. I have been given the LOD/Rendering of the space which I have attached (click on link to view --> Retail LOD Rendering.pdf). The prospective Landlord requires approval of any changes to the space, and therefore wants to see the proposal on paper. I have been looking for CAD Software to use, but I don't know how to use the ones I've tried:oops:. As I understand it, CAD software is for Architects who already know their trade, and this is where I definitely fall short:cry:. Unfortunately, I don't have time to learn a complicated software, nor do I have unlimited funds to purchase it. I need to get this done ASAP, (i.e., yesterday:P) I have a budget of up to $300 - 500.


I have been testing the following software:

  • 3D Home Design
    • This seems to be the best, but once I draw the Polygon Room, it can't draw the exact Dimensions for each wall. Once I draw the 1st wall, and draw the 2nd wall, the 1st wall automatically changes it's length.

    • This software looks the best, but it optimal for Residential Homes, not a Retail Shop



    • I'm not really sure how to use this:oops:



    • I'm not sure how to use this one either, and it installed some ride along software nobody wants on their computer:?


What do you think would be the best suited software for this one-time project for a beginner like myself? Thank you so much in advance for any assistance you can provide. Take care!

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pretty much as the 2 replies above:


as you say you haven't got time to learn a 'big' prog, i would suggest sketchup.


i you want to learn, then i would suggest draftsight.

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