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Problem opening an existing drawing ACAD 2014? Help?


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We are working with the new AutoCAD 2014 and have been for some time now. We have just started running into this problem; When we try to open up certain existing drawings instead of opening the actual existing drawing it just opens up a blank "Drawing1".


We have tried closing out and reopening cad altogether. Tried shutting down. Tried recovering the drawing. Nothing. The same thing happens. The weird thing is that we could have been in that drawing 2 hours ago while it worked just fine.


It does not matter how we open up the drawing, it does this. If someone can chime in quickly I would greatly appreciate it. GOD BLESS!

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It sounds like the files are getting corrupted somehow. Just to verify that it is not your installation of AutoCAD, try installing Drawing True View, free from Autodesk, and see if the same thing happens.

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