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I'm trying to make blocks with attributes and i watched video on youtube to do so .But when I insert the same block I need to name the tags twice. I don't know how it happens and it bugs me. Please help!


A second question is that when I load the block in another dwg file, the base point isn't the same as it was on the existing file. how does this happen and how can i reset the point?


and please use simple words because I'm from the Netherlands and I only know basic English:(:):(


thank you very much,



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Can you post the block, someone could check it out and see what is going on. En welkom op het forum



how do i do this?

Hoe doe ik dit :P

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You have the attribute set-up to ask you to confirm your details, turn off verify in the attribute properties, and if you have any attributes that have a fixed value you can turn preset to 'yes' that way it won't prompt you for the value when you insert the block.


The insert point looks good, I didn't get a problem, just make sure the tick box for 'insertion point on screen' is selected in the insert dialogue.


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