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get shape's coordiate


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Hi Guys,

Is it possible to use Pscom object to get shapes coordinate? World or UCS both OK.

I have a set of UCS points like this by using list command in prosteel.


Med Res PolyCount=1

Med Nr=0 X=-152.500000 Y=-154.000000 Bulge=0.000000

Med Nr=1 X=152.500000 Y=-154.000000 Bulge=0.000000

Med Nr=2 X=152.500000 Y=-146.300000 Bulge=0.414214

Med Nr=3 X=144.800000 Y=-138.600000 Bulge=0.000000



Need to output them to other applicaiton. It is a W310 beam. KS_Shape and KS_ShapeInfo didn't work.

Please help.

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I dont think shape is quite the right word to use here I dont have prosteel but I take it you are picking a steel beam of a known size, prosteel must have a insert point for this object you can then mathmatically work out all points of the beam for either current UCs or a transformed World or both. We need more info about what you are starting with.


The way most steel beams are done in software is they have a database of the co-ords that make a beam, a sq tube would be like sq1006,100,100,6 if you can find this file then your halfway there.


A downside I think prosteel uses xdata so you need to get inside the data dictionary for the picked object which makes life a bit more difficult can you show a the full List or Properties screen, post a dwg with a couple of beams.

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thanks for replying.


I think the Prosteel is doing the beams just like you said. All the beams have sizes standard. And yes, I can use those standards with starting point to calculate the coordinates. This will be the last method I would use if there is no way around.


However, since I can have all their UCS coordinates, it would better for me if I can just directly get WCS coordinates and saved in Database. if I can get UCS from "List" command, these UCS data must be saved somewhere. Just want to know where are they being saved. XData is quite helpful for other Autocad applications, but not for Prosteel.

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basically "X=-152.500000 Y=-154.000000...". with given original point WCS coordinate and X and Y axis, I can get WCS coordinate.

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