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Object snap: Mid between 2 points (M2P, MTP)


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I was messing about with my CUI yesterday and found that there wasn't an icon for the Mid between 2 points object snap. I had a go at making one and thought I'd share it here for others to use.


M2P.png (right click and 'save picture as')


I based it on existing icons and it's basically 2 points with 2 orange arrows pointing to the mid point between them.


Unfortunately I was unable to upload it in it's original .bmp format, so I had to convert it to .png. I'm not sure if .png files can be used in AutoCAD or if it will need converting back to .bmp format.

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Thank you for sharing!

If you don't mind, I would make a small correction - that isn't actually an Osnap mode, but rather a command modifier.

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True, perhaps that's why there isn't an icon for it.


Although I just lump it in with Osnaps as it's used within their context and it's included in the Osnap toolbar.

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Very nice never thought about it but often use it, for anyone interested see next line


M2P [_Button("M2P","M2P.BMP","M2P.BMP")](command "M2P")


ps use caps BMP in name, used paint to convert.

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