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Toggle Visibility of JPG or other object based on attribute content.


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Hi All,


I'm sure this is possible but I don't even know where to start. I am happy to do some reading if someone can direct me to a tutorial or web-page that will help me...


I want to toggle the visibility of certain objects based on the contents of particular attributes in my title block, for example:


(simplified text program)


title_block_attribute = DRAFT

Display Draft.JPG

title_block_attribute = FOR REVIEW

Display Review.JPG



or maybe:


if title_block_attribute = DRAFT

then "display Draft.JPG" = 1



Can anyone help me with this? I've tried Google, but I haven't even found the right search terms that yield even close to what I need!




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No code but you can turn the images off/on if on they exist on 1 layer, manually would check the value of the attribute DRAFT and make changes if happy with that coding is pretty easy. To do automatically would require a reactor which triggers when you change a block attribute, one problem if using layouts is do you want some layouts to be Draft and others Final ?

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I suppose I could have as many layers as I have objects to be displayed, for example, DRAFT, SUBMITTAL, FOR REVIEW, CONSTRUCTION, INSTALLATION, APPROVED and AS BUILT, and then switch each layer on or off as required, if you think this will be the easiest option to code.

We do have a potential reactor at the "title block update" dialogue that controls the contents of title block attributes.

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Instead of creating more layers (I think you will to create some but not a lot) make more layouts then turn on just the layers you need. You can use the same title block just make minor changes for each layout. Make sure you save it as a template before putting your drawing on it. I think you will save yourself some time and work if you make more layouts.

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Thinking a bit more you need a viewport for the images as you can turn on and off any layer in a viewport so you would have all your images in one spot on top of each other. just turn on and off or use the global on / off for all.

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Call me Ignorant but is this not the purpose of plot stamps when you are batch plotting...


(reading through these as I should be getting Electrical Soon)

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