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ACA - Jagged and wrong cleanup with Wall tool

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This is a very strange behavior as sometime it appears and sometimes it doesn't.


Anyway what I do is draw some walls, add them to a new block, save and then edit-in-place.





What I might be missing?

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I have exactly the same problem, but with the Standard walls.

And I use BLOCK for my buildings most of the times.


Anyway drawings behave weird lately:

- sometimes a block reference will not open. I have to reopen drawing to be able to open it again.

- sometimes when opening a block all windows and doors lose they location and all of them move to another wall of their choice.

- sometimes I draw a floor plan and everything is perfect. as soon as I create a block from it all clean ups are gone.

- sometimes windows and doors will not cut holes in the walls. they are only placed there without cutting anything.

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