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PressPull Leaves Original 2D Shape Behind After Move Command


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I'm having this issue where I draw a 2D shape, then use PressPull to make it 3D successfully. The problem arises when I come to move the 3D model to the side, at the bottom where the original model was, a 2D model remains. Is this normal with PressPull? This doesn't happen when using Extrude. I'm trying to figure out if it will be a problem when trying to join two models at the corners or?

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Newbie, did you ever find time to watch the tutorial about Extrude and PressPull? I am not going to pull up the link again, but I have suggested it twice, hope you have.


Extrude consumes the drawing entities from which it is generated, and PressPull does not.

There is a system variable which determines whether or not Solid History is recorded when a 3D object is created. Many folks choose to set this to 1, so, should the need arise they can access the original shape, perhaps for a modification.


There is no need for concern regarding the defining linework which

is not deleted by the PressPull command. It will not impact your ability

to combine 3D Solids, if they bother you, erase them, no big deal, or move them away, in case you might need them later.


Should you wish to combine multiple 3D Solids into one, typically the UNION command is used, JOIN is a 2D command, and inappropriate for working with 3D Solids. There are a couple of others, Subtract and Intersection which you should know about. There are some others too which will become more useful after you have mastered the basic commands. I recall that you tried Subtract, but failed to read the commandline carefully, and thus had difficulty.

The commandline is your friend, read it, especially, until such a time as you are quite a bit more familiar with how these commands and the software work. :|


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delobj variable.

I prefer to set it to 0 and keep the generating geometry - place it on a hidden layer.


JD, thanks for the correction and clarification, I should have just clicked on it in my options, so I would have gotten the name right :beer:

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