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Braces over multiple lines

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Currently using Autocad 2012 vanilla. Would like to add round brackets/parentheses around multiple lines "mtext". It is very common to show line annotations this way in Australia. Right now I use two mtext with different text height. The parentheses' text height is obviously larger to suit the number of lines.



I've tried OLE microsoft equation via "insert objects" in autocad but it:


  • does not like my "Autocad only valid font"
  • cannot be rotated.

I can probably program this in AutoLISP but it will take me some time. Is there an existing solution?


PS: Yes, I am aware of the typo, i.e. missing a minute ' symbol.

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Two different suggestions two lines of text the bottom line is mtext eg (12.34) with the brackets oversized and top line text or mtext a lisp would do it, the other way if possible is to subscript the first ( bracket and over size not sure if you can do this. A 3rd method is to wrap the text with two brackets again it would be seperate text. ( )

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What is the reasoning for enclosing bearings/angles and distances in brackets? Why two lines of text and not one?


Long story short, this drafting convention is inherited down from the age where such drawings were hand-drawn by surveyors. Please don't ask me why technology is ahead of law/conventions.

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