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Slice a 3D polyline between a solid shape


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Evening All


I work as a design assistant for a West End Set Designer who loves working in forced perspective & vanishing points.


My question is how do I slice/trim a 3d polyline that runs through a solid. I basically want to cut the line once it touches the face of the solid. I would be also happy to add a node.


Attached is a small example of the working file.


Look forward to your responses






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I don't believe that can be done. However as an alternative perhaps you can extrude/sweep a small circle along the 3D polyline then create an interference solid, subtract from the swept solid then trim by the face.

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Hi James,



To find a point of intersection between the line and the face.

you can use the old command 'cal and expression ilp



Command: _break

Select object:

Specify second break point or [First point]: _f

Specify first break point: 'cal

>>>> Expression: ilp(end,end,end,end,end)

>>>> Select entity for END snap:

>>>> Select entity for END snap:

>>>> Select entity for END snap:

>>>> Select entity for END snap:

>>>> Select entity for END snap:

Resuming BREAK command.

Specify first break point: 266.3632932838,44.570154537148,92.980182909103

Specify second break point: @

'cal open the Prompt Calculator inside the comand see help for more informations.

ilp(end,end,end,end,end) is an expression, end is object snap

ilp(pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4,pt5) for our example :

- pt1 and pt2 it's extremity of the line

- pt3, pt4 and pt5 it's 3 points of the face



Good luck


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Try "imprint" command. Select 3D solid, select 3D poly and - enter. It makes point on face of 3D solid, and you can break (stretch) poly to these two points (in this case it intersects two faces), can snap points, lines and etc. Luck!

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Hmm, I hadn't checked the drawing until now. It's as simple as drawing lines in the top view and trimming the 3D poly.



Edit: That is for the example which is a very simple rectangular box type solid. A more complex solis will require some UCS manipulation and such. Or perhaps even my original suggestion.

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