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In need of a LISP routine


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Newb on CADtutor here so bear with me.


I currently make technical illustrations using AutoCAD. When numbering the parts catalog illustrations I number each item the same "XX" then once I have assembled the parts list I go about numbering each item. I'd like a routine that after I change the text to a number other than XX, the text will change color and layer so that it will confirm the number is changed and done with. The layer I change it to would be turned off so that it would disappear during the process. I do this hundreds of times and would like it to be much faster. Once I find someone who can accomplish this then there are a number of other routines that may prove beneficial in a similar format. I basically need a "Numbering Mode" I can turn on and off.


Thanks in advance.

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Looks and works great. Is there a way to make it so that there is only the menu 1 time to set the layer and if it is off or not, then run through through all number changes and as i press enter they disappear. Also, can you add a setting to change the text color. So the process would be enter "num" command, set settings for layer, color, layer on/off, then click on each number to edit it and after I hit enter to confirm the change, it will then change layer and color as I change each one. Maybe a continuous option vs. a 1 time only option on the window?

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I want to be able to type in "num" and have settings for value, layer and layer mode like you have it but add in options for text color and if the command is continuous or 1 time only. If it is continuous then I can click on the text, change it and then hit enter. After I hit enter, the text will change and move to new layer but I will stay in the "num" command so that I can move to the next text to be changed using those same settings for layer, color and layer mode. If the command is 1 time only then I will change the text and hit enter and the command will end. Hope that helps.

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Okay , let me explain it for you as a matter of steps ( process )

First you want to invoke the command "num" then you would set the dialog options then after you hit Okay , you would like to keep on selecting texts to change their values as required one by one .

Am I on the right way ?

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