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My friend is wanting to know the answers to these questions?:?


1a What is the advantage of creating a Block for use in an AutoCAD drawing?

1b Why is it recommended to draw Blocks on Layer 0?

2a What is the difference between a Block and a WBlock?

2b What is the advantage of being able tocreate and use WBlocks in AutoCADdrawings?

3a Why would there be a need to convert aninserted Block back into itsconstituent parts?


3b Describe the process of removing anunwanted Block from an AutoCADdrawing

4a What is the advantage of adding Attributes to a Block?

4b Why is important to “define” the Attributes to added to a Block before the Block is created?

5a What is the advantage of attaching anexternal drawing (XRef) for use in the current drawing?

5b What is the principle difference betweenattaching an XRef to an AutoCAD drawing and inserting a Block into an AutoCADdrawing?

5c Why is it important to ensure that an XRefdrawing is located in the same folder as the drawing that references it?

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And what favor, in turn, is your "friend" doing for you in return?


Most if not all of those questions could be answered by looking in any good aftermarket AutoCAD book and/or the built-in AutoCAD Help file.

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I prefer the direct approach which goes something like this. "Help! I need someone to do my homework which is due tomorrow morning. I'll pay anything! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee."

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