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mirror text set to 0 but still mirroring text justification


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I have mirrtext set to '0' so it doesn't mirror the text (which i want, so that's great) however, it does mirror the text justification which drives me nuts. is there a way to fix it so it doesn't change the text formatting at all? please see images. one is non mirrored and you can see the blue grips indicating the change in justification from the left to the right.


oops, the first one is after it was mirrored and the second one is pre mirror


non mirrored.PNG

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I think that this is just Acad doing the best it can with mirroring text.


It is mirroring the point where the text has been placed just like any other mirrored point.

Because you have mirrtext set to 0 it then rejustifies the text to make sure its running the right way from that point.

(Imagine the mess if it didn't do that).


To do what you are asking it would have to work out the width of the text and then move the insertion point by that amount after mirroring.


That doesn't sound that difficult if you are only mirroring horizontaly or verticaly (and there is probably a lisp somewhere that will do that) but you could be mirroring about an inclined axis and then it starts getting difficult.



Thinking more about it it shouldnt be that difficult even when mirroring at an angle, as long as the text stays horizontal and the moving by the text width is done after the mirroring.

But if the text is to become angled then the complication is still there.

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While we are here, is there a way to fit the 'frame' to the text so it's tight? like, in my example, the text fits to the 'frame' or the box.. is there command for this?

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