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Hi everyone ... Just a question about plotting

I had a drawing in Meter and i took to my layout A1 paper and in my pagesetup manager i set my plot scale to 1:1 and then my viewport scale i changed my scale to make sure my drawings fit in paper but it keeps on going out of paper..


Then i copied the file which i wanted from the drawing opened acadiso template which is default in MM then i set my plot scale 1:1 then i set my viewport scale to 1:200 it fit in my A1 paper am i doing right or am i doing stupidly,,, Please help ....

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So far it sounds right to me. If you are still having problems attach a copy of the drawing to your next post and someone here will take a look at it.

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AutoCAD plots in mm, and your drawing units are metres (I think). Somewhere you will have to factor in that your drawing unit equals 1000 plotting units.

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