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Delay in dwg, need to constantly refresh


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I am running CAD 2011.



I have an odd issue on one particular drawing. When running certain commands, like a dimension for example, I can pick all the points and see the object but once I confirm and end the command, the object disappears. If I turn on all layers it appears.



Another example is simply changing an attribute and then undo (CTRL+Z) once to change it back. I have to toggle layer states to see the changes.



It seems like something is out of sync? Any ideas?





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Can you attach a copy of the drawing to your next post so we can have a look at it ourselves?


Have you run the -PURGE and AUDIT commands on the drawing?

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I was hoping you wouldn't ask for the drawing. My company policies prevent me from sharing drawing files outside our organization.



Another key piece of information is that this is only one drawing doing this. I tried copying the drawing and deleting it from our company's add-on program to CAD that stores and opens all the drawings. When I recreated it and opened, it changed a multitude of layer colors for some reason. It seems I may need a person from within my company familiar with the program to debug. I was hoping for a simple answer. I may also just need to be extra careful with this drawing and changes to it.



I tried purge all with no results. And what exactly does the audit command do? I'm always weary of running commands I'm not aware of.

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We don't need the entire drawing so can't you just strip out the "top-secret-super-sensitive" stuff and provide a pared down version?


Yes, we all wish for simple answers to our questions. It doesn't always work that way though. Sometimes it takes poking around inside an actual drawing to discern a problem that is not easily identifiable in words.


As a CAD tech you should be familiar with both the -PURGE (note the dash, it is important) and the AUDIT commands. These commands are native to AutoCAD so they are safe to run.


When using the command line version of PURGE preceded by a dash the first thing we do is purge all Regapps. Next we re-run the command (-purge) and do a Purge > All.


We then follow this up with an AUDIT of the drawing and tell AutoCAD we want to fix any errors. Your drawing is comprised of a database and the AUDIT command is used to fix errors within the database. Got all that?

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