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Table Style Question

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Lately I've been working on electrical panel schedules in both excel and CAD. The company I work for is pretty particular about how they set up the schedules regarding colors and fonts, so they have a table style template set up. This works great, but I still have to pull up the adcenter and pull the style from a previous project to import. Is there any way to save it to my list of styles permanently so that I don't have to find it every time? If not, is there a way to save the file somewhere so I can import it myself easily in the future?

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Easy. Include the Table Style in your standard drawing template then every time you create a new drawing the table style will always be available right from the start.

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Hello Kash, Are you the Kash in LA? This is Jenny in St Louis. If this is my friend Kash, I cant believe the coincident of you being in Autocad, I have been using for 21 years. I dont do anything with tables tho. Write back.

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