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Unique Construction Line Color


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I use a the XLine command frequently when I draft to temporarily define some geometry, and then I Erase the construction lines shortly thereafter. Recently, I’ve been wondering if there is a way to make it so that every time I draw a construction line it is the same color. I understand that I could create a “Construction Lines” layer or adjust the current color before I create them, but I am interested in circumventing those steps altogether. My dream is that every time I start the XLine command regardless of the current layer or color, the construction line that is created is a specified color. That way they are easier to keep straight.


It may just be an impossible dream, but given how customizable AutoCAD seems to be at the CUI level, I feel like it might be possible.


My efforts to date haven't yielded any fruitful results.


Any thoughts?

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The simple solution is to draw a xline on screen, set it to a layer (best) or change the color to what you want. Drag that to a tool palette and call from there each time.


Lee-Mac has a layer director program that can do this automatically for many commands. http://lee-mac.com/programs.html#general

You can adjust each command for layer, color, linetype, etc. Example, each time I start the Dim command the correct layer is set. Same for xline, text, etc.

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