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Finding template of new drawing


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Hi all,


Is it possible to find out which template file used in new opened drawing via visual lisp?


Assume someone issues NEW command and selects a .DWT file as template. Now after ending NEW process, how to find out what is the fullname (path and name) of template file?


I appreciate any help

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Hi Ahankhah, try

(vl-registry-read (strcat "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\" (vlax-product-key) "\\FixedProfile\\General") "LastTemplate")


Hope that helps


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thank you very much.


Meanwhile I found three other ways to obtain the mentioned registry container:

(getenv "General\\LastTemplate")

(getenv "LastTemplate")

(vla-get-TemplateDWGPath (vla-get-Files (vla-get-Preferences (vlax-get-acad-object))))

I appreciate your

great help.:D

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