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Lord Daz

.dxf with effects and appearances .ai

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Lord Daz

Hi all!


I am a real beginner and I'm starting just now to get close to the world of cutting and laser engraving with CAD file. I have the opportunity to use a laser cutting machine model "Yueming CM1390". The software that my school has, is the SmartCarve 4.3.


The control software (SmartCarve) can import 2D vectors as DXF file from Illustrator.


If I export a file .dxf from a file .ai I can export only the outline. Conversely, I would like to export not only the outline from my projekt but also the effects and appearances. How can I do that?


Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an attachment: :)BUTTA23.jpg


Thanks a lot for your help and support!


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Maybe it has to do with the file format (DXF) you are using? What other file formats does SmartCarve allow you to import? What other file formats can you export from Adobe Illustrator?


Does SmartCarve have a virtual printer? Maybe you can go directly from Illustrator to SmartCarve and bypass using a DXF file.


I think your question should be posted at a forum for SmartCarve users or at a laser cutting forum.

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