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Lineweight Problem...


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Hello All,


I've seen many posts about this issue and they seem to be resolved easily, but these solutions seem to not apply to my issue.


My lineweights are not displaying properly in MS. I have set the layers' lineweights to 0 mm in Layer Properties Manager. I have turned on the Show/Hide Lineweight button. The lines are still showing too thick and this is a problem for me. The Layer Properties Manager is showing that they are indeed set to 0 mm thickness (lineweight), but the drawing is showing otherwise. Any ideas? Solutions?


As always, thanks,


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If the Lineweight has been assigned at the Object level, the Lineweight assigned to the Layer will have no affect. To check, click on one of the objects that's not displaying the way you expect while the Properties Palette is open. Is Lineweight set to "ByLayer" or something else?


Other possibilities:

1) You may be viewing the object(s) through a Viewport with VP Overrides applied

2) There may be a Plot Style is applied to the display. (use PAGESETUP to determine whether a plotstyle is applied)

3) The object(s) are inside blocks that and either have Object level property overrides, and/or on a different layer than the block is on.

4) The objects are polylines with a "width" value other than "0"


Post a sample drawing if possible for the quickest and most complete resolution.

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Ah. I see, nestly. I don't have time to check that now, but I will definitely take a look at that on Monday. I have a feeling that's the problem. Thank you.



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