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Civil 3d rendering and performance issues


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I am a proficient CAD user and attempting to use civil 3d (2015) for alignment sheets. Currently I am using the trial version and considering purchasing the program however I am having some serious performance rendering issues on basic alignment generating which make the program essentially unusable. Which is giving me some reservations on purchasing the program.


I have a CPU that far exceeds the minimum requirements I seriously doubt this is how the program operates so am looking for some input.


My data set is not massive. I have 22 mile alignment consisting of around 90,000 linear survey points xyz. The DWG when saved is 6.539KB The points imports in a relatively reasonable time frame 2-3 minutes. and im am able to connect them using the command "3dpoly line" + '_pn. However after I have the 3dpoly line it take about 3 minutes to select the line. and about 25 minutes to generate an alignment or a feature line. I have turned the "GRAPHICCONFIG" on and off and get the same results


My system specs are

proc: Intel® core i7 @ 3.5GHz 3.5GHz

Ram: 32gb

video card Geforce GTX 980

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Not sure what Operating system you are running but try here

for a recommended driver for your video card


I looked but could only find the driver for the 9600.


I use a Quadro FX 580 and had to go back a driver version (what autodesk recommended) to get the display to work correctly.

Its still a bit slow but def not as bad as what you have described.


I would also break the point file up into 4 or 5 different files and insert them one at a time.

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Issue solved. The hang up is in the amount of vertices in the joined 3dpolyline. I ran the weed command and cleaned it up now it is running at a reasonable speed

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