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emailing autocad drawings


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I'm new to this forum so please, please bear with me! I have had trouble emailing autocad drawings for a few weeks now. I get "error, file too big" messages. I have tried converting them to pdf's, and also zipping the files. Trouble is, that they still end up larger than 10MB which is where most email servers bounce files back with the same message. Uusally emailing 4-5 drawings at around 18-20MB.


What is the best way to send drawing file please?

Thanks in advance :D

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Look into eTransmit or sending the files in smaller batches or as Cad64 recommends, use a Cloud Based service like Dropbox.


One Company I worked for had an FTP site setup for file sharing with customers, etc.


This isn't an AutoCAD limit, sounds like a limit imposed by your mail server.

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We have an ftp site set up here at the office which we sometimes use, But Dropbox is so simple and requires no set up at all. Just create an account and start using it.


I don't know about local authorities, especially in the U.K. You would have to check with them and see what their requirements are for sending CAD files. But if they have a restriction on the file sizes they can accept, cloud based services or a company ftp site is the way to go.

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)


GMAIL also has quite liberal attachment limits on their free email accounts.

I have at times been amazed by how many .dwg files it will let me attach. :shock:

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You may need to talk to your IT guys. We had such a limitation on us at one time, and it was interfering with our ability to receive customer files. Not good. However, our IT guy managed to up the limit. I do not know how he did it, but it didn't seem to be all that difficult a task for him.

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