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Making a lego character in Inventor


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Hello internet, Chelsea here.


So for my graphics assignment I am making a lego character (to be specific Unikitty from the Lego Movie). I'm going pretty well so far, but I want to rotate the head along the neck in the assembly so that it isnt as straight as it is right now. Maybe like a 30 degree turn from where it is so it looks like it is looking to the side (not fully) instead of straight ahead. HOW?



Thanks! Also, this assignment is due in two days *facepalm*


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You need to use an angle Constraint in the assembly environment.



This assumes your body, neck, and head are different IPTs that you assembled together in that environment.

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I take it you inserted the neck (yellow rod) into a hole? this will allow you to spin the head to where you want, or as stated above lock it to a fixed angle using the angle constraint.

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