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What's the simplest way to provide a read only dwg with layer fuctionality etc etc (e.g not pdf or similar) to a client?


Preferably viewable with a Web based free viewer.



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Why not a PDF? They have full on/off layer control.




The built-in 'DWG to PDF' plotter is a great option, and works with the Autopublish mechanism as well (to create PDF when you SAVE* a drawing, etc.).





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If you want to share it on web base viewer, upload it to Autodesk 360. Then share the link to your client.

You have option to only allow them to see it.

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To amplify a bit with AutoCAD 360, you can set the sharing Permissions.


This from the Help file


How do I define sharing permissions

Quick Tip: Use the permissions control to specify whether your collaborators are allowed to edit the drawing online and/or to download a local copy of the drawing.


When you share a drawing in AutoCAD 360, you grant permission to a colleague or a client to view, edit or download a drawing. The permissions dialog allows you to enable or disable these functions. The default permissions allow your collaborators to edit and download your drawing:


Disabling the 'Edit' permission will allow your collaborator only to view the drawing and draw basic markups. The collaborator will not be able to edit any of the objects.


Disabling the 'Download' permission will block your collaborator’s ability to create a copy of your drawing in their account or to download the DWG file to their computer.


To change the permissions, toggle each permission's button On or Off.


Additional Information:

You can change the permissions at any time from within the Share tab in the ribbon; your new permissions will be in effect immediately.

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