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I have made some object addon on a large outdoor festival plan made years ago. When I mesure some object I add, the mesure shown are'nt good. If a make a new object with the same dimension and I move it over the old one, the scale is match.


I to fix those different scaling?


Thank you.

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)


It is very difficult to diagnose the problem without seeing the .dwg file. requiring lots of back and forth and multiple posts.

If you are able to post the drawing, or even a small portion of it, stripped of any proprietary information, it would be much easier and quicker, to resolve your problem.


Off the top of my head, perhaps the original drawing was inaccurately drawn, and OVERRIDES have been applied to the dimensions, which you could check quite quickly by selecting one of the dimensions which seems to be problematic, and checking its PROPERTIES.

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