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Well I attached a screen shot of what I achieved. Needed custom wall onto a footing. This was something else to figure out. I found an answer online but wanted to shout out and see if someone around here would have a better procedure. This procedure did work but it was very time consuming and annoying.


If you insert a component and it will not rotate in the plane at which you wanted it to. In this case I used a generic model family template. This template had vertical checked as default in step 2 below.




1. Family Editor

2. Vertical only unchecked and work plane based checked in categories/parameters.

3. Create>Set and choose different plane

4. Save>Load to Project


I mean that works but the way I had everything set up I didnt see how to have two work plane based constraints in one model. Yes, I got my custom 45 degree wall onto a default footing but I would not be able to rotate it horizontally anymore. Only way would be to rotate the footing. Any other approaches especially for having two, three, ... work plane based constraints in one model is greatly appreciated. I miss mates.




Screenshot (6).jpg

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Create and change the workplane in the project before inserting your Family. By default, the "workplane" is set to a Level, which is a horizontal plane. So you can create a vertical reference plan, name it as desired, and choose it as the default working plane. Then you can place the Family as you need.



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