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Draw a Lot using Latitude and Longitude from Google Earth


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Hi. I'm a beginner in CAD, I'm going to ask how to draft a lot using the coordinates(latitude and longitude) from google earth.



Point A.

Latitude: 11 Degree 18'2.22"N

Longitude: 124 Degree 57'46.89"E


Please check my attachment picture.12231423_967620576615012_385474057_n.jpg?oh=826b28687b034df6c55ff9c8441ced70&oe=564459A9

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Please refrain from starting multiple threads in multiple forums asking the exact same question. It just leads to confusion. Thank you.


In my opinion you would be better off using either Map 3D or Civil 3D if you are going to be entering your data as latitude and longitude.


If you insist on doing this in plain AutoCAD I think you would have to convert from Degrees-Minutes-Seconds to Decimal Degrees. You can probably find a free conversion calculator online. I believe western and southern coordinates would have to be entered with a minus sign in front of them.


Find a free converter here.



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If you have taken off the Latitude and Longitude by picking points on Google Earth, I would suggest that you have the coordinates showing as Universal Transverse Mercator before you pick the points.


That would allow you to use ordinary style coordinates in AutoCAD without the hassle of spherical projections.

Plotting from Google Earth data.jpg

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I have a KMZ file for this lot but i don't know how to plot it on AUTOCAD because of its coordinates which I don't know yet how to use but I am very much interested. For anyone who wants to help me, please reply me to send the KMZ file (Google Earth File) to you. Or for anyone who has VIDEO tutorial, please just post it on this Thread.:D

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With UTM coordinates, I would draw the lot by entering each coordinate in turn, rather than drawing it by relative coordinates.


I have not used KMZ files. I believe that they use spherical coordinates, which are always not so simple to draw in ordinary AutoCAD.

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