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Modify Curvature of imported surfaces

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I am coming up to the 3 year mark of working with Solidworks (in education not professionally!).


I have an imported surface that I have made some modifications to for a hinge mechanism. It has come to my attention that I have made the surface 'too curved', I have spent hours trying to adjust the curves on the two sides - I only need the two sides curved around 25% less (doesn't need to be dimensionally perfect at all! just look right!


If anyone could shed some light on how I would go about this... hopefully without re-doing the whole part again as I have several other pieces I need to attempt the procedure on also!


See sample.

If you would like to see the part, I can provide you with the upload link as it is too large to upload unfortunately


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Ideally you would want it controlled by sketches, but since you are dealing with an import probably the best option is Flex. Its a tricky tool to use so you will need to play around with it a lot with the "clipping planes". What i would likely do is hack your model just past the mounting point and draw the rest of it so i had better control over it. It doesn't look to be an overly complex shape from this view but a single image can be deceiving.


Start with the flex tool and see if that gets you the results you need. If not and you need help redoing the shape post back up.

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