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Dynamic blocks - Is this possible?


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I have 2 lines, 1 is vertical and the other is at a 45 degree angle to it. I have a stretch action on the line at 45 deg. What I'm trying to achieve is when the 45 deg line is stretched, I want the vertical line to also stretch but not with the same distance multiplier; The 2 lines must have the same X coordinates.


I'm nearly there, I have a distance multiplier of 0.7071 on a stretch action for the vertical line.


I got 0.7071 from (1 / sqrtr(2)) .. The problem with this is autocad rounds to 4 decimal places, so when i stretch over a great distance the lines are not perfectly on the same x coordinate.


Does anybody know of an easier way to achieve this? Maybe a way to copy the 'End X' property to another line? I've searched extensively for a solution.


Thank you for any help:)

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I don't have Autocad, but in Bricscad you can put a horizontal constraint between the end point (end point and not the entity itself) of the vertical and angled lines, so you are always forcing the two end points of the lines to be horizontal, no matter how long you make the angled line?

I also put constraints on the lines themselves so they stayed vertical and at the correct angle no matter how long they are.



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