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Select every line in drawing and convert to polyline

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Hi all,

I thought there might be an intuitive/simple way to do this. I've tried the lisp routine SSX, BUT when you run the routine you can't "keep" the selection to use the PEDIT command.


Is there something I'm missing here?

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When you're using PEDIT, that's only selecting the POLYLINES. I'm trying to convert all the LINES to POLYLINES. It seems so simple...

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Sorry, but I don't believe you.


Here is the text screen from a drawing where there were 22 objects consisting of lines and arcs (no polylines) and the PEDIT command was invoked. PEDITACCEPT was deliberately set to "0".


Command: PEDIT


Select polyline or [Multiple]: m


Select objects: all

22 found


Select objects:


Convert Lines, Arcs and Splines to polylines [Yes/No]? accept the default


Enter an option [Close/Open/Join/Width/Fit/Spline/Decurve/Ltype gen/Reverse/Undo]: press Enter one more time to cancel out of the command


BTW...this worked even when I added three polyline but instead of finding 22 objects it found 25. Not that it mattered.

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DOOOOD...I must have a MONDAY MORNING BRAINFART! That did the trick! I owe you a Starbucks...if you're ever in Northern California. :)

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I'll be there this afternoon. Bring your BIG wallet.:shock:


:rofl: nice!!! Wish we had more thankful people like this guy hahahaha

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