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ArchiCad into AutoCADLT 2015 not working of course, please help


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Architect on our project sends me ArchiCAD files in .dwg thinking they will work, and I am using Clipboard to Copy with base point, to move into my AutoCAD LT 2015 program file for the Client. Here, my layout 2 and 3 are pre-set to print to my Ricoh 2500 afico printer (11x17) and to my HP Designjet 500 42" plotter. I am not versed in layers, nor in printer driver set up - the layout pages, viewports, paperspace were all set up for me by someone else.


Printing is great from my software, and seems to accept cut and paste from other .dwg drawings I've recieved.


Looking for someone who can adjust or "reset" the imported drawings to print correctly. Even printing to AdobePDF is not showing all the linetype/weights correctly.




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Let's add to this -

After I have used Clipboard to Copy from the ArchiCad .dwg file, and paste into my own AutoCad LT drawing, I know that much of the layers are not printing with correct lineweight/type. The ISO Dashed lines are appearing as solid lines. There are sections of the walls/lines that are simply missing. When I go from model space into layout 2 or layout 3 viewports, these issues appear there, even before the actual printing command. The layouts can be in model space or paper space and still show the incorrect lines.


Is this around layouts?

Is this around penweights?

Is this around layers?

I think this is the area, but i know very little about these parts of AutoCAD.

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You said he is sending you a DWG so why copy and paste ? Dwg is a file name type created so many years ago by Autodesk. Its expected that if you get xxx.dwg you can open it with Autocad. You may need a macro etc for LT to redefine some of the layer properties, we get DGN and some can be good and others a nightmare. I expect Archicad should write a DWG correct its been around a long time.

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