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Hiding Beam and floor lines from a structural linked file in Architectrual model

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Hi Friends,




I am working to develop an Architectural Model, Client provided the Structural Model, and Architectural CAD drawings to develop the Architectrual Model. the issue is the Beam and Structual Slabs are showing through the Architectural walls in 3D view and in all Elevation Views.


As per my elevation requirement the beam lines and slab lines should not be visible, I have tried to control in VG by switching off beam and floor, but it is switching off all beam and slabs in project, But i need to switch off only in the wall area of the elevation.


Please suggest me the solution.

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Hi. I think this is more of a modelling issue. Pls check if the plane of your structural slab edge, or beams are in the same plane as your external walls. Actual practice is that there should be a plaster line to cover these edges which is to come from your walls. A screenshot would be helpful. Cheers!

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